Learning About Sarah Julia Fagan & Her Personal Life

Sarah Julia Fagan

Who is Sarah Julia Fagan? Is she a celebrity? The article is out forward to the audience to answer these questions. Sarah is known to everyone because of her celebrity daughter. It seems to be a proud moment when parents are known to the entire world because of their children. However, Sarah is one of them.

The article is presented to inform the audience to furnish all kinds of information about Sarah Julia Fagan. Along with her, a few times will also be added about people who are related to her.

Personal Life

Sarah Julia Fagan was born in 1869. She was born in Sandtown-Winchester. However, at the age of 19, her parents disowned her for getting pregnant with her lover’s baby named Clarence Halliday. With no support and backing, Sarah took all responsibility for her unborn child and set up all possible environments for her baby. During this period her sister Eva Miller helped Sarah to establish everything. Later on, Sarah gave birth to a baby girl and named her Eleanora Fagan. Nonetheless, Eleanora Fagan is popularly known as Billie Holiday to people around the globe. Apart from these nothing else can be jotted down about the early life of Sarah Julia Fagan.

However, after facing so many ups and down in her life Sarah Julia Fagan left the world in 1945.

Sarah’s Daughter And Her Net Worth

Billie Holiday AKA was a jazz and swing music musician from America. She was born on 7th April 1915 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S. From the above paragraph it is quite clear how her mother had struggled to bring her up. However, Billie was well-known among the musicians as Lady Day. Her closest friend named Lester Young had facilitated her with this name.

From a very young age, she was into the singing business. Billie herself didn’t have that idea when and how her mode of earning turned up as the career option. She used to work in a nightclub as a singer to earn something. Over there she was noticed by a producer named John Hammond. He allowed Billie to start her career as a singer by providing her with a recording contract. After this step, Billie never looked back and came out with several hit songs and albums. Along with solo projects she also furnished her vocal texture by collaborating with other singers. Billie collaborated with Teddy Wilson and served “What a Little Moonlight Can Do” to their fans which came up as a big hit. Her hard work paid off when she received numerous awards. This talented singer has won four Grammy Awards and so on.

However, at the age of 44, this talented soul left everyone after suffering from liver cirrhosis. Billie Holiday died on 17th July 1959.

At the time of her death, Billie Holiday had an estimated net worth of 1.5 million dollars.

Sarah Julia Fagan’s Net Worth

In 1945 Sarah Julia Fagan left the world. So how can anyone think of her net worth in the present day?


From the humble and ethical behavior of Billie Holiday, it is quite clear how beautifully Sarah Julia Fagan has brought her up. Hopefully, this much information about Sarah and her daughter will be enough for the audience to know about them.

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