Personal Life Of Mark Duplass Explored

Mark Duplass

Born on the 7th of December in 1976 in the United States, Mark Duplass is a celebrity with a list of impressive personas that are versatile on their own. Currently aged 46, he has established a stable career not only as a filmmaker but also as an actor, writer, and musician. Let’s explore the personal life of Mark Duplass.

Mark Duplass’s Wife

Mark Duplass got married to Kathryn Aselton in the year 2016. She comes from the same field as him as she is also a well-known actress, producer, and great film director. It is said they both met each other for the first back in 2001 at a party celebrating New Year’s Eve. Adding to that, they have crossed paths while working and also share a few acting projects in common.

Mark Duplass’s Children

Mark Duplass and Kathryn Aselton have two children together namely Ora Duplass and Molly Duplass. Ora Duplass was born in 2007 while Molly Duplass was born in 2012.

Mark Duplass’s Life As A Musician

Mark Duplass is the lead singer of an American indie band that goes by the name Volcano, I’m Still Excited!! Some of their album names are Carbon Copy (Deluxe Edition) and Carbon Copy. They have some influential songs such as 2nd Gun, In Green, New Brad, and a lot more.

Mark Duplass’s Life As An Actor

Mark Duplass’s debut film was The New Brad while his television debut was with the workThe League. He has acted in a total of 32 films and a total of 15 television series. His most recent work is Pretzel and the Puppies released in 2022. Some of his films include Convention, Love Sonia, The one I love, Darling Companion, and so on.

Mark Duplass’s Life As A Director and Producer

Mark Duplass was credited as director for a few films namely Baghead, Cyrus, Jeff, Who Lives At Home, and The Do-Deca-Pentathlon. He has also directed a few television projects such as Togetherness and Room 104 where he was seen directing 15 episodes for the former while he directed three episodes for the latter. Adding to this, he has also directed a few short films such as ‘This is John’ and Scrapple.

Mark Duplass’s Life As A Writer and Screenwriter

The beginning of his writer persona started on a rather familiar note as he co-wrote an autobiographical titled “Like Brothers” with his brother Jay Duplass in the year 2018. He has been credited as a screenwriter for certain films such as Unlovable, Black Rock, The Puffy Chair, Language Lessons, Creep, and so on.

He has also been credited as a writer for a couple of short films such as The New Brad, This Is John, Scrapple, and The Intervention. Adding to this, he has also written the script for some television works such as Togetherness and Room 104. This was the time when he co-created 16+ episodes under his direction.


We can see how Mark Duplass has had a stable and successive career in different streams showing his versatility. Apart from his work, he has a good relationship with his family as well. We can expect him to keep coming up with good projects in diverse fields.

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